Favourite Christmas Movies

One of my favourite parts about Christmas is the movies. During the holiday season my family and I gather around the television and put on our favourite movies. It’s a time for connection and fun. Below are some of my favourite movies.

1. Home Alone 1 to 3. These are my must-see movies and theu are usually the first set of movies I watch on my Christmas movie list. Its funny and a great family movies for kids and adults alike. See the trailers below.




2. Borrowed Heart. If you’re in for some romance and tender family moments then this is for. I absolutely love this movie. See a clip of the movie below.


3. All I Want For Christmas is another great family movie about a divorced couple and their kids, who are scheming to get them back together and prevent their mom from remarrying.


4. The Christmas Shoe. Prepare for some waterworks with this one. Get your tissues and get comfy while watching this heart-wrenching tale.


5. The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is an enjoyable animation for the kids and adults with a bit of a creepy feel.


6. Disney’s A Christmas Carol. What would Christmas be without watching this classic or reading it. There are so many adaptations of this tale but I really enjoyed this version.


7. Rise of the Guardians. I just realise that this is the most modern movie in my Christmas movie list. This was a great animated movie and an amazing choice for the kids.


That’s the end of my movie list. There are many more movies that I enjoy but these are my top seven picks.

Which movie is your favourite from the list? What other movie makes it on your favourites list?

Leave a like so I know that you enjoyed the content and a comment with your answers. I look forward to learning what’s on your Christmas movie list.

Happy Holidays.

Love generously, Inspire daily, Learn constantly.

Thank you for reading.


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