Christmas Gifts For Her

Here are twenty-five gift ideas for the women in your life.

1. Pet Portrait Necklace for the animal mommy. This is a splendid gift because she can carry her pet babies wherever she goes.

2. Name earrings. Instead of buying a regular pair of earrings, personalise this gift by including her name.

3. Personalised recipe box where she can store family recipes to pass down the generation.

4. 2021 Planner where she organises her days, keep notes and tracks her goals.

5. Custom Family Portrait by her favourite illustrator.

6. Silk Pillowcases. They help to reduce frizz and protect the skin.

7. Customised mug with a beautiful message or photo.

8. An instant pot. This offers multi-use cooking functions for the kitchen.

9. A Yoga/ Exercise Mat for the at-home workout women.

10. A Kindle for the book lover.

11. Ugg slippers to move around the home in comfort.

12. Barefoot dreams blanket for chilly nights or days.

13. Birthstone ring. It can be a single stone representing her or customise it further by including the family.

14. Custom Handwriting Bracelet. Your handwriting message will make a personalised gift.

15. Custom Makeup Towel. Encourage her to use a reusable item in her makeup routine.

16. Portable Instant Photo Printer. Great for photography lovers that want to capture and print that memory instantly.

17. One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

18. Smartwatch to keep track of her fitness goals.

19. Blendjet for the smoothie lover. Purchase this portable blender in her favourite colour.

20. Hair Tie Bracelet. This is a stylish yet functional piece to add to her accessories.

21. Tile Pro Tracker. Connect this tracker to your keychain and use the Bluetooth to find your misplaced keys.

22. Dr. V Sunglasses

23. Book set of her favourite books or want to read list.

24. Crossbody or tote bag.

13. Gift Cards for the picky women in your life.

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