My Fav Podcasts hosted by Female Entrepreneurs

Today I have decided to share some of my favourite podcasts. These podcasts are hosted by amazing women that inspire me daily to live my best life and to love, inspire and learn. I hope they can provide some encouragement and whisper some words of inspiration into your life.

Detail Therapy hosted by Amy Landino

Beyond Influential hosted by Brittany Krystle

The Marie Forleo Podcast hosted by Marie Forleo

Pretty Big Deal hosted by Ashley Graham

The Lavendaire Lifestyle hosted by Aileen Xu

Women of Impact hosted by Lisa Bilyeu

Yoga Girl: Conversations from the Heart hosted by Rachel Brathen

Yoga Girl Daily hosted by Rachel Brathen

I usually listen to these during my commute to work, but since my headset is out of order, I have not been listening recently. Each podcasts ranges between 30mins to 1 hr and 30mins, give or take. The only exception is Yoga Girl Daily, which is about 10mins or less.

They provided tips and strategies for building your business, practising self-care and staying motivated. You gain insight from successful business women that you can adapt and implement into your own life.

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Thank you for reading.


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