Skills for the Future

The world is transforming rapidly and unpredictably, this year can attest to that. Therefore, we have to equip ourselves with the skills to move competently into the future.

Seven Skills Needed for The Future

  1. Job Hunting
    • One thing this pandemic and recent times have taught me is that jobs are difficult to find and easy to go, especially in times of crisis and economic downturn. Therefore, we need to learn to navigate the many resources and online search engines for finding jobs, how to market ourselves, the best strategies for having successful interviews, and how to transfer skills from one job to another. Investing in courses that teach you these skills will be an asset.
  2. Creativity
    • This is another important skill to have in your arsenal as the rapidly changing world presents us with new obstacles. Expanding your creativity will allow you to be innovative and find unique solutions to challenging problems.
  3. Emotional Intelligence
    • The ability to managing your emotions and empathise with others is a fantastic skill that will help you build and sustain healthy relationships in and out of the workplace.
  4. Cognitive Flexibility
    • In this fast-paced world where we have to make split-second decisions and find quick solutions to problems requires us to be adaptive and critical thinkers.
  5. Time Management & Organisational Skills
    • With the rise in remote working and work-at-home lifestyle, the ability to manage our time and organise our life is essential for productivity.
  6. Personal Leadership
    • This is about taking responsibility for our own progress and development while being a role model to those around us. We have to take the steps to develop our best selves and create our best lives.
  7. Communication
    • We cannot get anything done without communication, be it digital or face-to-face as we need help from others in various aspects of our lives. Therefore, we must learn to negotiate, collaboration and influence others so we can complete tasks, gain support and relay information. It is also important to communicate with ourselves through mindful practices such as journalling so we can stay in alignment with our values and keep on track with our goals.

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