The Happiness Corner: Reflections so Far by Ava Miles

The Happiness Corner is a compilation of blog posts that Ava wrote while going through a major life transition. She decided to quit her well-established career as a conflict expert and pursue her passion, writing. Although her career was exciting and meaningful it did not bring her constant joy like writing did. She decided to change her path and focus on being an author. Despite many challenges and rejection with publishing her first book: Nora Roberts Land, Ava’s persistence paid off. She became a best-seller author. While pursuing her writing career Ava kept a blog documenting her journey to happiness.

This book is her reflections on what happiness means to her. Each chapter discusses a new reflection. It is written in a concise and engaging manner with examples from her life. This book gives you insight into Ms. Miles lifestyle and mindset. You can clearly see how she handles obstacles in her life and how she thrives to make happiness a constant part of her daily life.

The chapters touch on a variety of topics such as the power of saying no, gratitude, letting go, finding your voice and trusting the vision. Each of these points resonated with and confirmed some of what I know myself but seeing it put into practice is really inspiring and motivating.

Having a practical guide makes me feel like my goals are achievable. I will definitely re-read this book to serve as a reminder to choose happiness always. The concise chapter makes it practical for a daily read. You can focus on practicing one aspect of happiness daily.

This book was well written with minor errors. The Happiness Corner is a great book for anyone looking to choose happiness and requires some inspiration. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.


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