Life Update: At home

On my way to work. My contract ends today so it’s my last day. Found out that they will not be renewing my contract because I’ve reached six months of employment. I’ll be home for a month before they can renew it again.

Even though it’s no fun being home for a month without income, I am embracing this as a blessing in disguise. This will be my time to rejuvenate and work on other projects that I didn’t have much time for. In circumstances such as this I always try to remind myself of the Serenity Prayer:

How have you been coping with many changes that 2020 has given us? In these challenging time, can you find the silver lining in the cloud and find gratitude for the things that you do have in your life.

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I hope you have a great day and find some joy in the rest of your week.

Today’s Instagram quote of the day. Designed by me using a template from Canva.

Thank you for reading.


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