The Remote Lifestyle

Working From Home

This year has been a time of change and adjustment for all of us as we seek to live a ‘normal’ life during a pandemic. We are in the last quarter of 2020 and many of us have found a tentative new rhythm that allows us to be productive while working at home. What does your work from home lifestyle look today?

Remote Learning

Another major life change for most children and parents is remote learning. Educating the upcoming generation has now become a major adjustment in the lives of parents, teachers and students. Homeschooling or remote learning are the new norm. Teachers have to adapt to using virtual media and digital devices to teach, parents have to ensure that the curriculum and learning goals set by teachers are met while creating a productive working environment. Parents are feeling the pressure of setting boundaries and structure. Home, work and school life now occupy the same space. What does your learning system or that of your children look like right now?


In these times of social distancing, many of us of come to realise the importance of human connection. We have to achieve a healthy balance between seeking physical connection with others and protecting ourselves and others from exposure to the Corona virus. What does your social life look like currently?

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