Becoming Trigger-Proof

Why Are We So Easily Triggered?

How To Not Take Things Personally

  • Stop worrying about what other person’s think
  • Know your worth
  • Don’t jump to conclusions
  • Let things go

Ways To Stop Getting Easily Offended

  • Put yourself in the other person’s shoe
  • Reserve judgement
  • Stop being self-centred, not everything is about you
  • Value truth instead of being right
  • Choose not to be offended
  • Practice detachment
  • Learn humility

Steps For Managing Your Emotional Triggers

  1. Take responsibility for your reactions: By acknowledging your emotions and the control you have over your actions, you will able to exert control over your responses. Remember the gap between stimulus and response. This gap may be minor and difficult to grasp but take a moment to pause and breath. Over time with practice, you will be able to anchor into this space and make the choice to respond proactively instead of reacting.
  2. Recognise that you are having an emotional response: this involves self-awareness and the emotional intelligence to recognise the signs your body presence. Are you tensing up? Is your gut churning? How are you breathing? Is your heart racing? By being aware of these physiological responses in our bodies, we can get in front of our reactions and being exploring the cause.
  3. Identify what triggered your reaction: Now that we are aware of your physiological response you can being tracing the cause of this reaction. What stimulus triggered you and why? What perceived need or want is being denied or taken away from you? The truth of the matter is that when our needs are threaten we react to protect that need. However in our heightened emotional state that reaction results in more hurt than help.
    • Which of these needs when unmet causes an emotional trigger in you: The need to be/ for
      • understood
      • respected
      • valued
      • consistency
      • autonomy
      • safety
      • love
  4. Choose how to response: Once you have identified your emotional trigger you can then decide on how you want to feel and what you want to do. Ask yourself if these needs are truly being denied and how valuable it is to be fulfilled right now. After answering those questions you can now decide on the steps to take to fulfill those needs or let it go for the moment.
  5. Shift your emotional state: Determine how you want to feel and take the lil steps needed to change your emotional state. Take a deep breath, count, consciously relax your body and focus your mind on the outcome you desire. It is not about denying your emotions but channeling it into a positive light.

Even with all these tips and knowledge, you will still give in to our emotional triggers and react unfavourably. This require constant practice and self-awareness to accomplish. Hopefully over time we will be able to catch our emotional triggers before we respond.

Additionally Readings

Why Do We Trigger Each Other in Close Relationships?

  1. Our critical inner voice
  2. Our attachment history
  3. Our primary emotions

How to Stop Feeling Triggered by Your Partner

  1. Learn your triggers
  2. Pay attention to your critical inner voice
  3. Make connections to the past
  4. Sit with the feeling
  5. Take control over your half of the dynamic
  6. Collaborative communication

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