Support a new author: Soul Keepers By Jenie Rachel

I think you’d like this story: “Soul Keepers” by jenierachel on Wattpad


Jenie Rachel is a budding author. Her works are fictional, with a genre focus on romance with a twist. You can find some of her stories on Wattpad.

Book Review

Soul Keepers is the first book in its series. This book is a must-read for you vampire romance lovers looking for something different from the typical vampire books. Jenie Rachel puts a new spin on the traditional vampire world.

Milliana (Millie) James is in a desperate search for answers. Answers to questions that have plagued her in this seemly endless existence. She is running out of time, for he will surely find her again.

Micah is a twisted and power-hungry vampire set on capturing his beloved Milliana at any cost. He uses the bond between them to torment her and make her surrender to him.

In her search, Millie crosses path with Theo Deveraux, an ancient vampire gifted with multiple Talents. Distrustful of all vampires, except her best friend Katrina (Kat) Parker, she is unnerved by their encounter. Scared and uncertain, she seeks help from Kat only to discover that the one person she trusts the most has deceived her, hiding the answers she has longed for.

As Micah draws ever nearer, Millie, Kat, Theo and the rest of his family race against time to break the bond between Micah and Millie just as the most cherished of bond forms between Millie and Theo. Will they find a way to save the life of the one they love?

This book was amazing. It will have you hooked from the beginning as you search for clues with Millie about who she is. The mystery of her origin and her bond with Micah had me in such suspense that I could not put down the book until I had the answers myself. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions with Millie as she endured the frustrations, anger and disappointment of a seemingly futile search; the fear and disgust of her encounters with Micah; the sense of distrust and sadness by Kat’s deceit and the longing, hope and uncertainty evoked by her unbidden attraction to Theo.

The family dynamics of Theo’s chosen family and their varying degrees of acceptance as they welcomed her into their lives was heartwarming. Each character added a unique blend to the richness of the book. Their stories, personalities and the bonds they share with Theo makes them relatable and bonus to the story.

I can not say enough how much I enjoyed this book. I have read a lot of vampire romances and there is something about this one that keeps me coming back for more. It is different. There are so many vampire love stories out there that it can get repetitive, predictable and boring. The spin on this book will make for an amazing series. I look forward to reading the rest.

Fair warning, this book contains profanity and erotic scenes. These elements add to the story and the characters without being overbearing and unnecessary.

This book is well-written and requires additional editing, however, that will not even matter because the story will have you enthralled. Additional the version I read and the one you will read might not be the same, but I heartily recommend this book, regardless.


She was his obsession and he had once made the promise to do whatever he had to do to find her.

Her internal radar was warning her, whispering one word to her over and over again. Vampire.

Millie couldn’t help but take him in too. He felt darkly dangerous, despite the look of him.

Drake’s scowl deepened, it was clear that he wasn’t amused. “You do know who she is, what she is?” Theo nodded. “She’s complicated. I don’t like complicated. We should just put her back.”

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