Conflict Resolution Tips

Conflicts are a part of any relationships as individuals navigate around each other’s values and boundaries. It is important to learn the skills needed to equip yourself to solve problems effectively and build healthy relationships.

Why Conflict happens in Relationships?

Conflicts are any disagreements or arguments that take place because of unmet needs.

Relationship Conflict – Why it happens

What are conflict and the steps for conflict resolution?

Conflict Resolution

What are the Five Conflict Resolution Strategies?

The Thomas-Kilmann Model of Conflict uses two dimensions: assertiveness and cooperativeness, to determine the course of action an individual will take in conflict situations.

Assertiveness measures how direct you are about what you need, want, feel or believe in a way that’s respectful of the views of others.

Cooperativeness is the degree to which a person is agreeable in their relations with other people, as opposed to aggressively self-centred and hostile.

Consider these factors when choosing the right conflict resolution strategies

  • How important are your desires?
  • What impact will it have on yourself or others if your desires are not meet?
  • What are consequences of choosing to be more assertive?
  • Does a collaborative or cooperative solution exist?

Conflict Resolution Skills needed for Healthy Relationships

  • Communicating effectively
  • Listening empathically
  • Focusing attentively on non-verbal cues
  • Expressing your needs openly
  • Viewing conflict as an opportunity for growth
  • Setting boundaries
  • Finding the real issue
  • Comprising when necessary
  • Agreeing to Disagree
  • Building self-awareness
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Applying humour
  • Learning to forgive

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What Are the Five Conflict Resolution Strategies?

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