Living a Life of Purpose

The journey to living a life of purpose is a long one filled with doubts and uncertainty but also adventure and opportunities for growth. Today I will be presenting several tips gathered from different articles for finding your life purpose. Enjoy!

Tips for finding your life purpose:

Self exploration and mindset:

  • Find out what drives: Ask yourself, what injustice or suffering have you witnessed or experience that gets you so riled up that you have to act upon? What moves you so intensely that it drives you into action?
  • Find out what energizes you: What actions can you take to solve those injustices that will enliven and motivate you instead of drain your energy and resolve? You need to know how to do, so that you down deplete yourself and experience burn out in the long run.
  • Find out what you are willing to sacrifice for: This basically asks, what “shit sandwich” are you willing to eat? What are you willing to pursue despite the frustrations, feelings of defeat or overwhelm? What are you willing to put in the long hours for?
  • Find out who you want to help: There are many ways to work at the same issues so by knowing who you want to help you can better find your purpose.
  • Find out how you want to help: This point relates to the question of what energizes you and will help pinpoint through which avenue you would like to serve your chosen group. Incorporate your passion, what you love and enjoy, in order to achieve your goals and solve your problems.
  • Get more action: You will not find your purpose by sitting around thinking about what to do with your life. You have to go out there and live it. Try new things, pursue your passions, just get moving.

    “Clarity comes from engagement not thought.” – Marie Forleo

  • Out of your Head, into your Heart: Let go of all that overthinking and start listening to what your heart is singing. Do the things that you love, that brings you joy and fills you with inspiration, for they will make your life amazing.
  • Break up with The ‘One’: Do not limit yourself to the notion that you have to follow only a SINGLE path, that your purpose comprises of only ONE. Instead pursue your passions, they will provide you with the key to living a life on purpose. When you pursue life with passion you embrace it and truly live each moment with intend. Passion + Daily Action = Purposeful Life

More Practical Tips:

  • Create a Vision Board: this is a great way to see into your soul and take note of what makes your heart sings. After observing the pictures, images, drawings, quotes, art that you place on your vision board you can analyse it for patterns. This will illustrate the things you want most in your life.
  • Follow your Hobbies: What is that habit/s that you find yourself practicing on a daily or regular basis? The one or few that you brings you joy, that you talk about constantly and you find yourself gravitating to like minded persons. This could be a great passion/s to pursue and/or incorporate into your career.
  • Note what you post: Take notice of the posts you follow, like and comment on, on your social media platforms. Observe your reactions and how passionate your responses are to topics, images and conversations. This will provide insight into the things that move you.
  • Research: Look up careers that interest you. Read books about persons in your area of interest, listen to their podcasts, or visit their websites. Try finding an internship or visiting company so that you can gain more insight into what it takes to walk that path.
  • Ask away: This is the time to be inquisitive.  Talk to the persons around you, ask questions about their careers, their likes and dislike, what they enjoy the most and least. This will allow you to gain valuable information and discover careers you never thought of.
  • Life is an adventure: Take action. Life is meant to be a fun and curious place. Put yourself out there and welcome new opportunities. Clarity can only come from engagement not thought so observe, ask questions, take notes and then give it a try.

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