Working From Home

Hi there.  A s you know, we’re in the grips of a global pandemic that has affected each of us in different ways and has resulted in changes and challenges for the world. I hope that where ever you are right now, that you are safe, healthy and connecting with your loved ones. For those who are not safe, healthy or whose loved ones have left this world, my prayers are with you and my hope for a brighter tomorrow. Let us Trust that the Universe, God, Higher Power or whatever you believe, will take you on the path that you were meant to walk, although it might be the one you least expected.

Today I will be addressing one of the new changes that has been thrust upon us: Working from Home. Below are tips I have gathered from a few sources that will hopefully make this transition easier and more productive to those that are new or just need a refresher on working remotely.

Seven Tips for Working from Home:

  1.  Develop a routine:  Start and end the day around the same time to help prepare your mind for work and also end the work day. Get enough sleep.
  2. Get dressed and designate a work space: this will help put you in a work mode and focus your attention. Be mindful of the lighting and background in the room if you are making or taking video conference calls.
  3. Remove distractions: This helps you to manage your time more effectively with limited intrusions. Turn off the TV, phone and whatever else takes you away from doing your job.
  4. Create a to do list: This will help you see the tasks you have to accomplish,  prioritize them and keep on track.
  5. Set boundaries with your living companions: Communicate with your partner, kids or room-mate so that they respect your work schedule and be mindful of creating distractions.
  6. Schedule breaks: You need to make time to eat: breakfast and lunch preferable with the same schedule as in the office so as not to confuse your bodies eating schedule. Don’t forget to put in a workout or some form of movement during your day.
  7. Communicate: Don’t forget to check in with your boss and co-workers to ensure that you are all in the same page and update them on what you are working on.

Thank you for reading.



Amy Landino ‘s WORK FROM HOME: 10 Tips to ACTUALLY Get Something Done

HuffPost: Working From Home Tips

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