The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

Hello. Today’s book review is about Arianna Huffington’s The Sleep Revolution: Transforming your Life, One Night at a Time. Hope you enjoy!

Author Biography

Arianna Huffington was born July 15th, 1959 in Athens, Greece but moved to England when she was 16 years old. She is the mother of two kids, bestselling author and the founder of the Huffington Post and founder and CEO of Thrive Global. Her books Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-being, Wisdom and Wonder and The Sleep Revolution: Transforming your Life, One Night at a Time are international bestsellers.

Book Summary

In The Sleep Revolution, Arianna talks about the sleep revolution that is taken place around the world as people come to realise the crisis that is sleep deprivation and it’s impact on our lives. She writes about sleep’s history through the ages, the mystery of the dream world and the various revelations on the importance of sleep, gathered through scientific research. You will learn about the devastating effects of sleep deprivation, the dangers of sleeping pills, the negative effects of our addiction to technology, expert tips on how to obtain quality, restorative sleep, use of technology to promote sleep and stories that translate the importance of sleep in every aspect of our lives.


This book was very informative and an eye opener. Based on the evidence reported it is clear to see that sleep holds an important role in the continued health and productivity of humankind. It has really pushed me to evaluate my life and seek to find a way to establish a healthier relationship with sleep.


What I enjoyed about this book:

  • The scientific evidence including to back up claims about sleep
  • The stories incorporated makes the book more relatable and understandable
  • The tips included for getting better sleep
  • The Sleep quiz at the end of the book
  • Use of quotes, poetry and sayings to reiterate points and give emphasis to information

What I didn’t enjoy:

  • The scientific information was a bit tedious to read


“Sleep is a key element of our well-being and interacts profoundly with each of the other parts.”

“In fact, getting the right amount of sleep enhances the quality of every minute we spend with our eyes open.”

“In talking with medical experts, he learned that we all have a “seizure threshold,” and when we don’t take time to properly rest, we move closer and closer to it.”

“It turns out that women need more sleep than men, so the lack of sleep has even more negative mental and physical effects on them.”

“By weakening our immune system, sleep deprivation also makes us more susceptible to garden-variety illnesses, like the common cold.”

“In other words, cutting back on sleep is a fantastic way to gain weight.”

“Sleep deprivation has been found to have a strong connection with practically every mental health disorder we know of, especially depression and anxiety.”

“An Australian study found that after being awake for seventeen to nineteen hours (a normal day for many of us!), we can experience levels of cognitive impairment equal to having a blood alcohol level of .05 percent (just under the legal limit in many US states). And if we’re awake just a few hours more, we’re up to the equivalent of 0.1 percent—legally drunk.”

“So why do we tolerate, much less venerate and applaud, sleep deprivation?”

“Our ancestors’ reverence for sleep and for dreams is particularly remarkable when you consider how difficult it was to actually get any sleep!”

“Sleep became a sign of “unmanly weakness,” and this macho notion of sleep persists to this day—a way of measuring masculinity without a ruler.”

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