3 Myths about Manifesting Your Dream Job and 3 Ways to Start Doing it Right by Jay Shetty

“Manifesting is co-creating with the universe to attract experiences and people into our lives by sending out signals and taking actions based on a new set of mindset and believes to serve and support those experiences, people or events.”

3 Myths about Manifesting your Dream Job and 3 Ways to Start doing it Right

This post is inspired by Jay Shetty’s podcast episode on manifesting. He goes into the myths about manifestation and how to do it correctly. Below are the key takeaways from the episode.

Myth 1

  • Manifesting means only setting an intention however, action without intention is meaningless and intention with action is impactless. Where attention goes energy flows.


Intention awareness attention action

Myth 2

  • Manifesting is about things and results.

Fall in love with the process not the result.

Myth 3

  • Manifesting is a beautiful process. It’s magical, spiritual, effortless, easy and fun.

You’ll get to where you want in life just not in the way you imagined it.

Have to be opened to other routes or you might miss opportunities. Don’t be fixated on one path.

3 ways to do it right

  1. Love the job you’ve got. Remember like attracts like. Change your energy and vibes. We’re always trying to change our situations not realising we’ve been put in those situations so that we can change or we just keep moving from place to place, job to job or relationship to relationship. Take the skills and tools from job to use later.
  2. Appreciate what you have. Be grateful for the situation your in right now for what it’s giving you. If your grateful for what you have you will receive more to be grateful for but if your ungrateful for the little we have you can never receive more to be grateful for.
  3. Put out everything you’ve got. Be inspired to see how you can help others. Be open to opportunities. Learn and develop your skills to offer to others and more doors will open up.

Thank you for reading.


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