How to Cope with Being an Introvert in an Extroverted World

This is exactly what it’s like for me. I use to detest mingling and making the effort to small talk and socialize. Give me a book, movie, music in my room or some time in nature and that’s great but when it comes to interacting with people I feel uncomfortable and drained.

Before I really started reading about introversion and extroversion I felt like something was wrong with me. Being in crowds made me feel awkward and self conscious. I never knew what to say or how to engage in small talk.

Now I’ve come to realise that there’s nothing wrong with who I am and I don’t require fixing but since socialising is a part of life, effort on my part was required.

As a result, with the help of my boyfriend and willingness on my part, I began mingling more. I still prefer spending time with my selected niche of people but I’m trying. With that I began to understand that it’s not that I can’t socialize but that more energy is require for me to that than an extrovert. What was required is an understanding of my limits.

When you understand your limits you can better adjust social interactions to work for you. You need to know how long you can socialize for before you feel the need to hide and curl up in a corner; which social settings your most comfortable with: small or large groups, going for drinks or movies; practice small talk and maybe find people who are interested in similar things or willing to try what your interested in. However, there will be times when you have go out of your comfort zone for the benefit of you, your career or loved ones.

Remember you don’t have to change your personality and push yourself so that your unhappy. It’s more about adapting to the requirements of that given situation. Don’t forget these events are only for a limited time and then you’ll be back home doing what you love. Lastly, don’t forget to restore your energy reserved after each of these mingling session so that you can put your best foot forward next time.

Thank you for reading.