The Thieves of Joy: 10 Simple Ways To Effectively Combat Worry And Rumination

Worry and rumination steal the joy out of today. They bring anxiety for the future and depression over the past. Yet, despite knowing this we constantly fall into its trap.

These thought patterns steal the gift of the present. We spend the majority of our time dwelling on the past or dreading the future instead of enjoying the now.

It is time to change that.

As each day goes by, make a conscious effort to be mindful of your thoughts.

  1. Use words of affirmation to help you relinquish the need to control everything.
  2. Make peace with your past mistakes and learn from them.
  3. Write down your worries about the future and note the failures of the past. Accept them and move on.
  4. Set aside a designated time to worry or ruminate.
  5. Distinguish between solvable and unsolvable worries. Focus on the ones you can resolve.
  6. Be gentle with yourself. Change is challenging but with grace, compassion and commitment, you can succeed.
  7. Start a journal and brain dump all your troubles. Use prompts to help you go deeper and gain insight.
  8. Challenge your anxious thoughts. Most of the time these thoughts are cognitive distortions such as all or nothing thinking, expecting the worse out of situations and taking feelings as reality.
  9. Try meditation, it can help you interrupt the worry cycle and bring mindfulness into your day.
  10. Pay attention to your triggers. What set you off and why.

Even though worry and rumination can steal the joy from today, they can be beneficial if used correctly. Worry is a proactive risk analysis that can help you deal with potential problems. It stimulates the brain and motivates us to take action. The problem is when it becomes uncontrollable and the fear of future threats inhibits your life.

Rumination is a repetitive thought about something. Focused rumination can help us solve errors and achieved goals as we ponder on past events.

Thinking about the future or past is normal. The past helps us learn from history and the future offers a multitude of possibilities.

The key is to use worry and rumination strategically to live a better now and help us shape a better tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.



Rewrite your stories through the eyes of love by Aileen Xu in her podcast: The Lavendaire Lifestyle