Mini episode podcasts

Today’s post is all about podcasts that may provide some inspiration and wisdom to you in a concise way. These recommendations are a great avenue for those of you who are now dipping your feet into the podcast world or those too busy for anything longer since each episode is 10 minutes or less.

Let’s dive right in with my recommendations:

The Daily Stoic hosted by Ryan Holiday

7 Good Minutes hosted by Clyde Lee Dennis

Yoga Girl Daily hosted by Rachel Brathen

About the hosts

Ryan Holiday was born on June 16th 1987. He is an entrepreneur, marketer and author of non-fiction books. Some of his publications include: The Obstacle is the Way (which I will be discussing at a later date), Stillness is the Key and The Daily Stoic, which is what this podcast is about.

Clyde Lee Dennis graduated Forest Brook Senior High school in 1979. He served 6 years in the Pacific Fleet of the U. S Navy before being Honorably Discharged. He is the Founder of Healthnet Media an father of two children. Further information can be found at

Rachel Brathen is a Yoga teacher, Influencer, wife, mother and author of New York Times bestseller: Yoga Girl. She was born on October 05th 1988 in Sweden but moved to Costa Rica to pursue yoga. She speaks four languages: Swedish, English, Spanish and Papiamento and currently resides in Aruba. She has founded a yoga studio, yoga video service and the non-profit: 109 World.

Podcast summaries

The Daily Stoic

This podcast provides insight and wisdom past down by great philosophers, men and women throughout the ages. Each episode is a daily passage that focuses on one insightful message or quote from persons like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and others that Ryan breaks down and explains.

7 Good Minutes

This is a self development podcast that provides daily tips for self improvement, life skills and other insights learnt from teachers and speakers to help achieve the goals that we want. Some guests include Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Steve Harvey and many more.

Yoga Girl Daily

Rachel provides words of wisdom, tips for clarity and guidance in life. The episode run from Monday to Friday and every day focus on a particular team. Make it Happen Monday is about setting intentions for the week ahead, Tune in Tuesdays is about looking within ourselves, Wellbeing Wednesday focuses on meditation, Thankful Thursdays is all about gratitude and Feel Good Friday helps to set the tone for weekend.


You may listen to these podcasts from your podcast platform of choice for daily words of wisdom and inspiration. Hope you enjoy my suggestions. They are many more options out there. I will be posting a list of further recommendations.

Love generously. Inspire daily. Learn constantly.