Why is change so difficult, to begin and to maintain. All our good intentions for improving seem to go out the window and we just revert to our old ways. In my experience when your trying to change your thoughts, behaviours or control your emotions things seem to backfire. It’s a daily struggle with some areas more challenging than others.

Changing my thoughts 💭 are the most challenging: it’s like having two minds, the one that keeps thinking the old, negative way (subconscious) and then my conscious thoughts that’s trying to rewrite my thinking.

Next controlling my emotions are like watching a train wreck waiting to happen. I know that how I’m reacting will lead to disaster that I want to avoid and yet I still follow the broken track instead of jumping on the one destined to arrive safely. I’m taking an Introduction to Counselling course and I just learnt of Transactional analysis and the Parent, Adult and Child ego states and I’m obviously demonstrating a lot of  the child and parental states when I need to be channeling the Adult state more.

Finally my behaviour which is affected by my thoughts and emotions also needs some work. But I’m better at controlling my physical actions so I’ve been doing yoga and mediation. 🧘🏾‍♀️Physical acts that allow me to work on my thoughts and emotions (inner self).

I feel alot calmer and better at handling my anxiety and stress but it’s a work in progress. Prayers help too. 😊

Thank you for reading.


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