What is motivation?

Motivation is the underlying reason or driving force behind people’s actions. According to Leon Ho of Lifehack, motivation is not just a mindset, an established set of attitudes but an art, a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice, that flows and is sustained by a motivation engine.

This engine is comprise of three parts or layers: the innermost layer, the secondary layer and the outermost layer.

Understanding the motivation flow:

The innermost layer: The core or purpose is the hidden reasons behind your actions that drives your motivation and this is layer is sustained by:

  • Having a meaning: Why are you doing this? Does it contribute to you or those important to you?
  • Forward movement: momentum, you have to keep going. Keep pushing forward. One of the recommendations stated in the article to keep you moving is to set mini goals and establish a reward system so that your brain can recognise and note your progress. Thus creating a feeling of accomplishment and a desire to move forward.

The second layer: support or enablers – They make achieving your goals easier , more possible. I guess like family or friends that assist you on your way to your goal, ex. Parents paying tuition, government providing financial aid and organisations providing internship and sponsorship for student in their goal to become an artist for instance.

The outermost layer: Surface or Acknowledgement – praises, feedback from others on your progress. These are the external factors that provide motivation. Getting an A in a test will motivate you to get an A+ and to continue the course and getting a promotion will motivate you to stay with the organisation and work harder.

Thank you for reading.


LifeHack: How to Get Motivated Every Day When You Wake Up

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