To me love is the lil things. Smiling at each other as we wake, staring at your eyes, touching your face, connecting.

It’s wishing me a good day, it’s calling to check on me just to say I miss you. Hugging when we meet.

It’s especially keeping your words, for they carry a promise once ottered. Like meeting or calling me when you said. It’s being on time because you can’t wait to see me.

It’s putting each other first. Never minding missing out on some things to be there for each other.

It’s calling so I know your safe when your out, or just a text to know that all is well. It’s making the time for each other, no matter how busy or what your doing. Simply because that person matters the most to you.

It’s laughing together, holding hands, fighting and disagreeing and then making up. Never being afraid to harsh it out, to speak your mind, express your heart and work it out.

It’s considering that person’s feelings when you act but never holding back. It’s helping them fulfill their dreams. It’s support, tears, smiles and cheers.

It’s forgiveness.

It’s respect for each other. Never bad-mouthing your partner, no matter how angry they get you. Never putting them down especially in front of others.

It’s loving, inspiring, learning and growing together.

It’s love!

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