Why are values important?

Values are a standard used to measure things that are important to us. We develop values firstly at home and then elsewhere. They are learnt through examples and instruction from our parents, guardians and elders.

So all those persons in authority the future we create stems from the foundations we lay.

It begins with the most simplest of actions. For instance, if the head of the household decides to use their child’s slipper and then the child asks for it because the aforementioned parent wants her to do something outside but, the parent refuses saying “ Just come bare-feet, I using it” what does that teach?

It might seem ridiculous to you but I think that shows that persons with authority can get away with anything and don’t have to respect the property of those they are responsible for. It’s these simplest and smallest of actions that create the boldface mentality of persons in our society. These are the kind of future parents, leaders and teachers we are creating. Persons who take whatever they want, whenever they want, without permission or consequence, simply because they have power.

Parents, guardians, elders and teachers out there, please, please be careful and mindful of what you do. Lil eyes are watching, learning and becoming!

Thank You.

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